About my Wedding and Event Painting Service..

What you can expect from me..

My prices for live event painting start at £900 plus travel. This is for a 16” x 20” (40 x 50 cms) canvas of the happy couple and their surroundings. Obviously, you can go bigger and add more guests if you wish, they would be rendered in the painting in a looser style. However, please note that these additions will add to the cost and maybe the time available would be too limited. We will go through all your ideas well in advance.
All of my paintings are rendered in acrylics, live on the day of the event at the venue as part of your entertainment plan. I aim for you to be able to take it away with you at the end. I can do studio-finished work if required.

My aim is to capture the mood of your event on canvas, and to entertain your guests. You will already have countless photos giving you a photo- realistic rendering of your day. In contrast my paintings are painted in an expressive and colourful impressionistic style. My painting will focus on the most important people- identifiable features like hair colour and clothing will make the central people stand out. You can of course add other family and friends you would like to have in the painting, but the faces of additional guests will be painted more loosely to bring the viewer’s eye back to the central people.
The painting is mostly painted from life, but I do take and use photos as I go for reference as the scene shifts (and for touch ups in the studio if necessary).
I will also paint from photos for Client’s whose event has already happened, but would like to have a painting.

I use professional acrylic paint on quality artist’s stretched canvas. Sizes vary for each package, ranging from 16″x20″ to 36″x40″, with custom sizing available. Remember, the larger the canvas, the easier it is to watch me paint but the longer it takes me! Canvases are of high quality to ensure you will have an heirloom to pass on to future generations. I will paint the edges so they look just as clean hanging unframed as they do hanging framed.

A run through of my terms..

I can travel around the UK, for which I charge 65p per mile for events outside the Windsor/Slough area, and may need to add £100 for an overnight stay. For central London events I add £50 to cover congestion charge and parking fees. I am happy to travel to Europe.

A 33% non refundable deposit is due upon booking to secure your event.
Additional fees may apply depending on the location of the event and the date.
1. Prior to your event we will have a consultation where we can go over the details of your event, and your vision for your work of art. I can easily accommodate requests for specific colour palettes and which moment(s) you wish to capture in your painting.
2. On the day of the event, I will arrive 1-3 hours early to set up and begin painting the background as soon as the decorations are made. I provide everything I need to paint, so you do not have to concern yourself with extra tables, etc..
3. I will continue to paint throughout the event, capturing the atmosphere of the event through colour and form, highlighting the most important people and details of your party. As a guide, most of my paintings were completed in 4-8 hours at the event. Shorter events are not a problem though, as your live painting is planned around your schedule, so get in touch to discuss how I would paint for you within the time available.
4. I aim to be finished at the end of the event. Once the performance ends, I will clean up, leaving the venue spotless. If you want to take your finished painting the same night you may, otherwise I will carefully transport it to my studio and we can arrange pick up or delivery at your convenience. For the occasional work that is not finished at the event, I will paint the finishing touches in my studio.

I have business liability insurance, and will have no difficulty working in a venue that requires vendors to be insured.


Please download my info pack with link below…

My Wedding Painter Info Pack 2023